Haunted House Built on Cemetery

Published on June 14th, 2014

Of all places to build a home… Why would anyone build over a cemetery?

That is what happens on today’s show. The owners found out after the fact and then had to deal with negative repercussions of owning a home-built over the dead.
We also got a letter answering my question about sage and mirrors:
You were wanting to know a little bit about sage right?
Salt is more or less my favorite no-nonsense method of cleansing things, but I do use sage. I usually spring for sage if I feel some negative things in our living space, or like, when I will move into a new house. My guess is that sage is used a lot for cleansing because it promotes a lot of positive energies, harmony (particularly domestic harmony), purification and wisdom. As I know it, a lot of negative beings or energies can’t handle that good energy. It puts them out I think! c: I have dealt with a few things like that before, and purification and positive energy, seems to be the most effective thing in getting rid of nasty things. Sage is used in a lot of cultures, for purification, but the one that comes to my mind generally is Native American, where Sage is burned to clear a space and to invite in good spirits/energy.
As for mirrors, I agree with your wife about the rule of no used mirrors! They can carry some strange things with them. Actually, when we moved into the current house, in my bathroom, there are two mirrors facing across from one another. It’s a bit weird. I think maybe the person who installed them did so to style the back of their hair or something.. but it’s creepy. When you put to mirrors together, stuff comes out of them. It’s like an open doorway, that is just as bad as a spirit board. The first week we lived here, I would see something behind me out of the corner of my eye. It was creepy and unnerving. I would never quite see exactly what it was, but it made me really uncomfortable. So, I cleaned the mirrors with holy water, bushed a little Sage smoke over them and then covered the mirror that is behind you when you stand at the sink. I didn’t have any problems after that, but it stays covered. If I could get away with it, I would have it removed.
I am not incredibly sure why there is so much superstition and mythology about mirrors. I think it has to do with the fact that mirrors were originally used to scry or conjure spirits, in ancient Greece. The history of mirrors are a little interesting too actually, because before people started  mass producing them with glass, they were usually made of highly polished silver. When people did start making them from glass, before mass production, only the wealthy could still really afford them ( we are talking nobles). And woe to the person that broke that mirror, which was probably where the seven years of bad luck came from.
                                It’s a lot to think about! – Randi

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