Check Out Our All New Podcast “Junkin’ With Jenny”!

Published on July 24th, 2017

Check out our preview of “Junkin With Jenny”, our NEW PODCAST all about taking what some may consider junk and give it new life. Watch the full episode below:

We want to help you make your ITEMS and SPACES amazing – If you would like one on one advice from Jenny, submit it to the show here!


    • A listener wants to know how to transform inherited lawn ornaments of a bygone era into something useable today.

    • We give you the “short tour” of our new studio and how we built it, including tips on making faux bricks appear real and adding some “shiplap” where there as none.

    • A listener wants to know what to do with some old spice jars she picked up at a garage sale.

    • Jenny gives her review on “copper paint” and talks about the many things she’s turned to rust!

    • What to do with old windows to “reclaim” them into something cool!

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